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These images are copyrighted by ThisPoisonedOne and are meant for viewing purposes only! (unless said otherwise)
Using these images in any way, shape or form without my written permission is strictly forbidden.
However, if you are copyright owner of the character(s) in the image you are free to use without asking.
Also note that my characters are NOT free to use.
So please do not use them without my consent for anything other than fan-art or gifts.
Using my characters for roleplay and giving gifts or drawing fan-art of my characters to other people is weird, don't do that. Srsly, I understandably find such uses rude. x'D




Rest in peace, grandma, you will be missed. :(

She died this morning, guess after a blood transfusion.
She's been through a lot the past year, it's just nice to know she's in a better place where she can walk again, be herself again. "You're only as old as you feel" is saying that reminds me of her, because she acted really young for her age.

I was named after her, Barbara was her name. And we're a lot alike. She liked to color, and she's been known to throw things. Yes, I throw things and I'm an artist named Barbara. Crazy fun people.

Miss you grandma, I miss your laughter. Don't throw things at the angels.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Soul breaking dreamer without a dream.
I suck at making bios! I'm TPO, call me Poison, I'm an insomniac! Well, not all the time, I can blame caffeine.
I'm a self taught artist. I draw whatever comes to mind (Be it dragons, people, magical bee caterpillar hybrids, ETC...) and take photos of everything I find artistically beautiful.
I love video games and rock music, I'm a big fan of the band Shinedown.
I love nachos, coffee, and randomness.
I have been called a philosopher, and I have self-proclaimed myself to be a weird person on many occasions. I really don't know what I am.

Haha, well... I'm generally a nice person who loves to chat, I don't bite!

I don't reply to all comments, but I do read them all.
If you actually want to chat just note me! I'm here almost everyday and would love to hear from ya.

Really, I don't bite all of the time!

 photo ohnoes_zps1cb627d6.png
You may not want to watch me for one thing.
You also have the option to hide scraps.

~Other places I be~ If you haven't already ran in fear.
Neopets/Subeta/Misticpets: Ask me...
Wolf-Haven: Insomnia
Facebook: Yes, but I do not like the book of the faces. >:v
Tumblr: Ask:
Like skulls, tacos and dragons? Checkout my shop on Spreadshirt! Be sure to check the designs tab to view all the designs. c:
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Poisoned art - Page One. Shinedown Status 75% by ThisPoisonedOne
Magic ref - Sketch, 'tis but a mere concept. Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Poison ref - Restart. 0% Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
August ref - Restart. 0% Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
Emily ref - Lining, lots to add. Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Zack ref - Relining. Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Simple comic refs. Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Cat status bar. Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
Go insane. Shinedown Status 100% DONE by ThisPoisonedOne
Characters A-ZA
Azzic: Wolf Dragon/Male
Azzurra: Wolf/Female
Arkadius: Dragon/Male
Arrow: Feline/Male
Arzie: Vampire/Male
August (Fire): Dragon/Male
Brent: Dragon/Male
Brick: Dragon/Male
Blood: Dragon/Male
Blood: Wolf/Female
Blake: Dragon/male
Beederpillar: Caterpillar/Male
Crow: Dragon/Male
Clown (Eddie): Human, wereshadowolf/Male
Chanel: Human, werewolf/Female
Channel: Dragon/Female
Chandra: Wolf/Female
Coffee: Feline/Female
Coldfin: Dragon/Female
Crimzan: Dragon/Male
Cynthia: Dragon/Female
Davin: Wolf/Male
Ezrik: Hedgehog/Male
Eco: Dragon/Male
Evil Orange: Orange/Male?
Everblu: Gryphon/Male
Emily: Dragon/Female
Fate: Dragon/Male
Faith: Dragon/Female
Flair: Dragon/Female
Finch: Dragon/Male
Frost: Dragon/Male
Gold Dagger: Human, wereshadowolf/Female
Goatface: Dragon/Male
Hydro: Dragon/Male
Hope: Dragon/Female
Insomnia (Nia): Wolf/Female
Iris: Gryphon/Female
Jake: Dragon/Male
Janice: Dragon/Female

100% Shinedown Status 100% DONE by ThisPoisonedOne
75% Shinedown Status 75% by ThisPoisonedOne
50% Shinedown Status 50% by ThisPoisonedOne
25% Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
0% Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
 photo pagestuff_zpsf0e26850.png
Requests - Closed - Only take requests from friends and my loyal army of zombies.
Trades - Closed - You upload your half first. Well, unless I trust you.
Collaborations - Closed -
Commissions- Closed -

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Raptr Gamercard
Shinedown by vintage-cowbellsStamp--Sharpie love by PirateQueenErinMinecraft Stamp by kimbo2450Crows Stamp by violetsteel
10 Years Stamp by Th3BrittniNo Stamp by Ashy666Stamp: Stress by FlantsyFlanOC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
Romantically Apocalyptic stamp by greedofanStrays by tailcatoff-white stamp by vesnerRVB Stamp by griffling

Toy Apocalypse by ThisPoisonedOneGlowstone by ThisPoisonedOneGreen by ThisPoisonedOne
Delicious Traffic Cones by ThisPoisonedOneBeederpfly by ThisPoisonedOneBeederpillar by ThisPoisonedOne

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CYNDERnSPYRO Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey barbie =D
ThisPoisonedOne Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heeeeey. Watch out for them doors, they've been killing people in video games.
CYNDERnSPYRO Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lolwut XD
ThisPoisonedOne Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just got out of a giant scanner, about to buy a new cactus because I thought it was cute. OwO
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CYNDERnSPYRO Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

I dedicated it to you, TAADAH its the thing you said you'd like =D
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