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Images and characters are © ThisPoisonedOne unless otherwise stated in their descriptions. Please do not use any of these for roleplay, tracing, selling, or posting anywhere.
And please remember to give credit where credit is due, characters have owners, and all art takes precious time to make. The internet isn't a free-for-all, think before you do something you could be held accountable for.
And I will find you. And then I will kill you. You can't be serious all the time, shutup. o3O

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COLORS11111 by ThisPoisonedOne
 photo ohnoes_zps1cb627d6.png
Allow me to introduce myself.
Again due to my lack of better words...
A mind that can focus, comprehend.
My name is Barbara Hopkins (Bob for short), 19 year old artist, gamer, and lots of other things. I have many characters, many stories to share. I have been drawing ever since I could remember, as a child I'd draw creatures based on Digimon, Pokémon. Always a creature with power of some kind. As my interests state, I love bright, vivid colors. And I tend to incorporate this in many of my designs and ideas. Many of my characters are animals, few human, although they're mostly vampires, and werecreatures (Of course werewolves, just also felines and dragons ETC... lol) drawn as their human forms either way. I've been on DA 5 years now, maybe a little more because poisonthedragon wasn't my first account. I'm chained to DA if you haven't noticed. However, my first artsy appearance was on YouTube in what I think was early 2008 (As Narutofan994). MEH, there was a roleplay forum or two that I posted art to before that, drew art with a damned photo editor that came with my old printer. I am very unsure and pretty indecisive. My main character Poison is at least that old, if not older. Still not the oldest. Dreams and music influence the more dark side of my art, I have many dreams I see as messages, well literally where I'm spoken to. Beautiful lands and words exist within my dreams, never gray. Music is also a lot, the will to draw mostly. :p
If you took the time to read this I am so sorry. :|
Other shiz:
I'm a collector of things, dragon statues, BMW Beetle car items, Pokémon cards/games.
I love to game, Minecraft, Sonic, Need for Speed type games. Lots of survival, racing and creating games interest me. Unnatural and bright hair colors, nail art, piercings. Muscle cars. Swords, sharp things like ninja stars. Pumpkins, clouds.

Reason for existing: Y'all, the radioactive caffeine in my veins.
Likes: Art, creating, gaming, ninjaing, rock music, nature, bright colors, coffee, Mountain Dew, nachos, randomness, fun, organization... A lot.
Dislikes: Typos, my own ignorance, overly serious, or crazy people x'D, little yip yip dogs. They scurry. :c
Bands: Shinedown, Alter Bridge, 10 Years... It's almost endless! But these are pretty much all I'm listening to atm. c:
Soul breaking dreamer without a dream.
Being remembered is very important to me. Knowing that someone, even just one person knew you existed at some point and hasn't forgot.
~Other places I be~ If you haven't already ran in fear.
Neopets/Subeta/Misticpets: Ask me...
Wolf-Haven: Insomnia
Facebook: Yes, but I do not like the book of the faces. >:v
Tumblr: Ask:
Like skulls, tacos and dragons? Checkout my shop on Spreadshirt! Be sure to check the designs tab to view all the designs. c:
 photo pagestuffstatus_zpsacabb4bb.png
Pages of The Poisoned. Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
Map/History of Roziffieal. Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Neko's 100 Character Challenge. It is on! >:I 8/25/14 Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
Logo, page numbers, ETC not story related. Shinedown Status 100% DONE by ThisPoisonedOne
TP is my current priority. Anything uploaded is likely to be of character/landscape design. c:
TPlogorawr by ThisPoisonedOne
100% Shinedown Status 100% DONE by ThisPoisonedOne
75% Shinedown Status 75% by ThisPoisonedOne
50% Shinedown Status 50% by ThisPoisonedOne
25% Shinedown Status 25% by ThisPoisonedOne
0% Shinedown Status 0% by ThisPoisonedOne
 photo pagestuff_zpsf0e26850.png
Requests - Closed, I mean this in all ways unless stated in my newest journal.
Trades - Closed
Collaborations - Closed
Commissions- Closed

Raptr Gamercard
Still inactive for the moment. Actually got training for a warehouse job on Monday. So I'm looking forward to that. ^-^ The Poisoned is pretty close to being a comic again, got enough ref sheets done to start on the first pages. Other than TP I got character art and some landscapes to upload when I get the chance. And yes, my three fur children are doing well. Just wish they'd sleep in their own bed more, and stop trying to sleep on my face.

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